Study-Tips for a Short Attention Span

Studying anything can be hard, and time consuming. Throughout my years of being a student, I’ve gone through a lot of different methods trying to successfully complete a course. This year, I started my first ever coding boot camp with Flatiron School, and it has been the most challenging for me as far as studying goes. Due to some personal set backs, I had to take some time away from being a student, and now that I’m back, I noticed my attention span is NOT what it used to be. After some research, and trial and error, I found a few great ways to help me focus better while studying.

  1. Taking breaks

This one was hard for me at first, because it requires a lot of balance. I had to learn how to give myself a break when things got too hard, but also have the discipline to get back to it when the time came.

2. Have a daily routine, and stick to it

This one was by far the most helpful change I made. Study around the same time everyday, so that it starts to become a habit. I noticed that overtime, I started to feel more obligated to focus, and really dedicate that time to studying. I also added exercise into my daily routine, which helped with feeling more well rounded and productive as well.

3. Remember the end goal of your studies

Sometimes, it can be hard to fully focus on something when you forget your purpose. Reminding myself of my overall goals helped me to motivate myself to do better, and try to have the best understanding possible of the subject.

4. Relax

This is important for me, because when I’m studying stressed out, I don’t retain anything. Taking deep breaths and not putting too much pressure on myself in the moment helps me to do better in the long run!




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